PES 2010 - Ukrainian Premier League

PES 2010 - Ukrainian Premier League 3.0

PES 2010 - Ukrainian Premier League enhances the game with new content
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PES 2010 - Ukrainian Premier League enhances the game with new content.


- The official patch from Konami 1.0.6;
- Own KITSERVER and EXE, not affecting third-party patches,
- Leagues: Barclays Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Premier League Ukraine, First Ukraine League, La Liga, Bundesliga and clubs from Second UL: Titan Armyansk Chernovtsy and Bukovina;
- Added “Classics of Ukraine and Ukraine U-21@;
- The names of the players of the Premier League and First League in Ukrainian;
- In “Master League” in the youth team, youth players of Ukraine;
- All 32 national teams of participants FM-2010 in South Africa;
- All 48 clubs in Europe League, and Latin American clubs;
- Update squads of clubs and national teams at the time of the patch;
- Menu-style collaborators UPL;
- Approximately 600 players faces and hairstyles;
- New balls;
- Instead of clubs “Salsabi” and “Babilayna” added back recaps Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk;
- Updated forms, fonts, numbers for all clubs and national. teams;
- Real name players, such as “????? ??????????”, clubs, leagues, cups and stadiums;
- The true emblems of all teams and leagues;
- Update skills for many teams and players (including UPL), which makes the game more realistic;
- These billboards for UPL;
- TV Popups “Soccer Channel.

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